A Good Morning

MrH went to help a friend move this morning, so I had a langorous morning all by myself.  He kissed me goodbye while I was still snuggled under the covers, slumbering my Saturday morning away.  As I slowly awoke, I got up and started a pot of coffee.  In the meantime I did some cleaning up around the kitchen, which for some odd reason is one of my favorite things to do first thing in the morning (seriously – I’m not being sarcastic here!). 

Listening to some Eva Cassidy I had some toast and coffee, contemplating life, thinking of my younger sister who’s been married for three years now.  It’s an up and down kind of marriage (or are they all like that but not everyone talks about it?).  After a long phonecall with her, during which I was once again reminded of her inner strength and wisdom, I decided to finally do some yoga.  Another one of those perfect Saturday morning activities.  In the middle of it, MrH came home and I panicked for a second (“oh no!  My butt is sticking in the air!), but he was wonderful and just got to cleaning up around the house.  I can see him now, through the window, as he’s cleaning out his truck.  He’s on a roll, and I think I’ll join him.


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