The Dangers of…

Have you ever been in the grocery store while a couple was fighting?  I always think "that'll never be me!"  I mean, think about it, you can't contain yourselves long enough to speak civilly to one another in private?!?  Besides, what can possibly cause an actual fight while in the grocery store?

Today, we were that couple.  I was being petty and ridiculous; on my last legs from a 90+ degree day and a poor night's sleep.  I said something accusatory and then went and got whatever next grocery I wanted to get.  We stood by the salad bar and talked about it.  I didn't cry, I don't think.  I wonder what other people thought of our interaction.  Where they disgusted as I tend to be?  Or tenderly thinking back to their first spat in the grocery store?  Do they wish they had a guy like mine?  Or thank God that they don't have a gal like me?  A train of though to not pursue.

We have had a sprinkling of very nice, sweet moments this weekend though.  Breakfast on our frontporch; folding laundry together; sitting together and really talking, really listening, over dinner; talking through my crazy-seeming sense of loneliness; even some funny jokes.  I'm thankful that I'm not doubting whether I married the right man, instead, I'm just hyper emotional, and constantly extrapolating what the rest of our lives will look like, based on a 2 second event.  Unnecessary, and stressful.


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