Playing House

Married life and wifedom continue.  We’ve had more ups than downs lately and I’m so thankful for that.  I feel like we’re really learning how to communicate better and more consistently.  We’ve both kind of figured out (ok, I have figured out) that there’s no point in letting stuff fester because eventually it’ll come out and it tends to be a whole lot less effort to just be up-front about stuff.  I like that, but sometimes I get tired of it.  Then other times, it’s just not the right time to bring stuff up, you know?

Take today.  I have been very slow on the unpacking of my final boxes.  They mainly have my sewing stuff and my arts/crafts stuff in them and htey’ve just sort of been stacked up in our guest room.  Well, I got motivated today and was all excited about doing it.  But as I was going through them, I just felt (as I have for a while now) like there’s no real room for me in the house.  I don’t know why not, but somehow every area is taken up by MrH’s stuff and I don’t even know his organization enough to just incorporate mine into it!  It makes me so frustrated – to think I can’t just independently unpack some of my office papers because I still can’t figure out where they might go!  But he was getting ready for a party that he’s hosting… I feel like it wasn’t the time to bring it up at all, and now I’m sitting here feeling sad. 

Being a wife can’t possibly be about this, about how to unpack stuff and arrange the house in a way that makes sense.  And yet, since becoming a wife, this has been a lot more difficult than ever before.  Yuck!


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