Couples’ Night

I really love the idea of hanging out with other couples and being friends with couples, but I’m not sure yet of what the couple rules are.  Tonight we went to listen to this great band (kind of folksy/bluegrassy) at a local bar together with some of our really good friends (married couple) and then two other couples that we loosely know.  So during couples’ nights, I have these questions:

  • is it ok for the girls to talk with girls, and guys with guys?
  • are we supposed to split up, or sit together? 
  • is it ok to gaze adoringly at my husband?  Place my hand on his leg?
  • how do you separate one half the couple from the other half?  esp when tehy’ve been married for a few years already

I guess that navigating the land of couples’ nights is part of what it means to be a wife.  Hope I’m up for the “job”! 


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