Messy Wife

Some wifely friends of mine were talking about how their husbands are always asking them where stuff is – the scissors, a plate, the ice-cream scoop, whatever.  Everyone seemed to agree with this statement, mentioning other things their husbands asked them for (matches, toilet paper, the broom…).  Am I the only one who is so messy that my husband actually repeatedly asks me to clean stuff up?? 

I’ve been relatively messy my whole life.  The fact of that drives me bonkers; I love being in spaces that are nicely decorated and free of clutter.  When I have the time, one of my favorite weekend morning activities is to clean up all around the house.  Lately (and frequently in life), I haven’t had the time, resulting in a massive mess everywhere.  Some people have these great habits of always cleaning up before going to bed.  Not me!  I like to clean in the morning!  The problem arises when in the morning Im’ so tired that I snooze a little longer, and suddenly have to rush to even make it to work on time. 

We haven’t resolved this one yet.  MrH just asked me if he could nag me about my shoes next to the front door; and the stack of mail to be filed; and my sewing machine that’s still sitting on the dinner table.  Am I really that messy?  Or did we just not arrange the space in a way that works for me?  Sadly, I think I really am that messy… and working on bettering myself.  In the meantime, my husband will nag me about it, and I’ll ask him where the scissors are.


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