Shocked Wife!

I just read that $160 million is being spent on this year’s congressional campaign.  About 90% of that money was spent on slandering the opponent; annoying voters, alienating people, and making us all feel unwelcome.  This makes me play the math game.  Out of the money, $143 million was spent on negative campaigning.  A non-profit such as the one I work for costs 2.5million to operate for a year, and helps approximately 3500 children annually through tutoring and mentoring.  For this amount of money, 57 non-profits such as mine could be operating, reaching 199,500 children annually!  Let’s talk about impact.  Let’s talk about better using the money!  It drives me crazy the way that money is spent in this society, and how powerless we all are to do anything about it.  Not to mention the war in Iraq…


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