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I lost someone’s blog.  I vaguely remember her writing a post about switching to a new site – that was months ago.  Somehow it must have automatically redirected me, and now that feature is turned off and she has disappeared somewhere into the depths of cyberworld.  I’ve googled her and blogspot-searched her but my skills are no match for her disappearance.  If you happen to know “The Adventures of Superwife”, drop me a line!

It’s not even that I know this woman.  She posted interesting tidbit-like thoughts about her marriage and her latest recipe and other house-keeping trials.  She was “cool” in her wifeliness, and I enjoyed that.  Being “cool” as a wife, and having a place to express my own thoughts, independent from my husband, is alluring once again.  Over the past few weeks, our thoughts keep lingering around one another, they are becoming ever more entwined, to the point where I’m not even sure where mine start and his end.  I suppose marriage is insidious in that way – without careful attention your own personality and independence will be sucked out of you and morph into this new “we” thing.  Not that “we” is a bad thing, but in order to be a good teammate to my husband, I need to be solidly rooted in my own self-ness first. 

Back to blogging!


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