And that makes 12…

Our Christmas TreeWe began this Christmas season with exactly 9 ornaments on our Christmas tree. They were the ramshackle bunch that you’d expect from a pair of newlyweds who’ve never had a tree of their own before: a homemade cookie monster; the three ornaments hastily bought at CVS one year; the ornament from Blackfeet Indian friends; a few handmade attempts at ornaments that made the cut simply because there were so few to put on; the ornaments that were rejected by our parents. (Can you find them all in the picture?) Somehow we’ve already acquired three more. At this rate, we’ll have a tree filled with ornaments in just 10 years!

We decided we want to be patient, to let our Christmas celebrations naturally evolve into whatever they are meant to be for us. This meant creating some space on Christmas day for just the two of us – later to include any new arrival types of family members (if you catch my drift). It meant not traveling this holiday. It meant agreeing with the sister-in-law about the impossibility of celebrating five Christmas in the span of three days. For MrH, it meant buying me an ornament for Christmas – the first ornament ever bought just for me.

It’s green and painted from the inside by a Chinese artist. There’s a Santa Claus Li Bien Ornamentconducting. There’s a gingerbread man, a candycane, a wrapped gift, various stars and snoflakes, a stocking, and a turtle dove. On a pink banner it says “Merry Christmas 2006” He bought me this ornament, picked it out from amongst possibly dozens of others, and chose this one for me. It’s beautiful.


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  1. December 9, 2007 at 11:05 am

    […] didn’t she? She’d worked so hard on her ornaments.” “You gave me that one last year, it was my first ornament!”  And the ornate, glass-blown topper from childhood? My parents […]

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