A Picture Matters

I had my annual check-up today.  As I lay back, my doctor said “oh, and I taped a picture up there so you can pretend to be somewhere else.”  I looked up, and lo and behold, there was a small postcard image of the Virgin Islands taped up with scotch tape: pristine beach, blue ocean, blue sky.  It’s such a simple act, but signals so much more.  To me, it said: “I care about you,”  “I understand how uncomfortable/awkward this is,” “I have a life outside this office too, and am willing to share it with you,” “I don’t expect you to pay attention to every prod and poke.” 

I’m wondering whether we shouldn’t take this one picture concept a little further and tape up an entire collection of pictures.  Something like these:

Wild Turtles

Montana MountainsIndian Paintbrush - FlowerMy FishWaterFall FoliageThese images create a nice variety of landscapes and situations.  For those of us with the ADHD brains, we can actually pick a place or situation to be in, and transport ourselves there.  For those of us more analytical, can count the little glitters on the water, or try to figure out where each picture was taken (these are all my personal photos actually, so please give me some credit if you use them!).   

How easy would it be for a doctor to go that extra step and provide us with an even stronger message of caring and nurturing?  In fact, why don’t I bring in a collage of pictures and suggest she hang it up?  What would happen if we all did that?  A revolution!  Ok, that’s for another post 🙂 


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