Double the Pleasure?

When you’re married, everything is doubled.  Kind of like Wrigley’s Gum (double the pleasure!).  Except it’s not always pleasure!  True, when he comes home in a giddy mood Wrigley’s - Double the Pleasurethat makes me all excited and fun as well.  The downside is that when husband gets sick, suddenly it becomes a big deal to me as well!  It’s different than just having a roommate in that now I also play nurse, source of strength, and errand-runner.  This was an un-anticipated by-product of taking our marriage vows.  Here’s a great blog-entry that says it all. 

Another “double the pleasure” issue that’s come up is that when the snack attacks hit him, I join him in an ice-cream or chip eating party.  This means that both of us eat junkfood twice as often as we did before we were living together.  Our waistlines have both noticed, and now we’re all about watching our food etc. (see for a great, free website that helps with this).  It’s not terrible, just unexpected.  There are lots of interesting articles and blog entries about this, mostly on a pretty negative “women let themselves go once they’re married” side of things.  Personally, I don’t think I’m choosing to care less, rather, there is twice as much temptation and invitation to overeat. 

So does being a wife mean you’re fatter, sadder, and sicker?  For my sake, I hope not!


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