The Feminine Side of Football

One way that the football franchises have managed to keep a huge marketing monopoly has been to find ways to engage women who might not otherwise be itnerested in the game.  Thinking of it from a wifely perspective, I notice the following surrounding the gearing up for the Super Bowl:

  • There is often at least one female announcer.  I guess we’re supposed to relate to her.
  • Newspaper coverage often includes the dating lives of star players.  See here for a case in point.
  • The number of party menus and decorations with football themese has exploded in recent years.  Even if we don’t enjoy the game, we can at least join in on the nacho/guacamole/chili fest, cooking and cleaning the house in preparation for our husband’s friends and their wives.

I don’t mean to make blanket statements about all women, or all wives.  I do think that the marketing geniuses engaged with NFL products are taking an interesting angleo on the market.  One less focused on the game of football, and more on wives’ other purported roles. 


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