Newlyweds Hunting House

How typical are we?  So excited about this whole being married thing, that we’re running out to try and buy a house!  And not just any house, no, it has to be large enough to hold our future children, accessible enough for us to carry strollers up and down the steps, and safe enough for us all to play outside.  Not only that, we also want it to be large enough to entertain our friends, and have enough rooms to host our families.  Since when are these dreams of mine? (ok, that’s a different post).

Anyway, we’ve been doing a lot of searches on home-buying and gotten a lot of great information.  Our realtor is fantastic as well.  The thing we’re still trying to google though is “should we make an offer now?”  That only gives one hit. 

A lot of couples decide that one or the other does all the hunting, and when s/he finds the home s/he wants, the spouse then comes and looks at it as well.  S/he always loves it, they buy a home, and live in wedding bliss ever after.  Nice theory, but it won’t ever work for the two of us.  You see, we basically agree about what we want but have different priority levels of those things (nice big yard: him; plenty of rooms: me).  Then it happens that we’re also both really into doing our research and figuring out all the details.  For this particular home we have to:

  • get estimates on redoing electric
  • estimates on redoing the roof (in a few years) and windows (in fewer years)
  • learn how we can tell whether a sun-porch is structurally sound
  • figure out how to remove wallpaper from walls
  • and learn how to lay tile and how much that would cost
  • get estimates on moving washer/dryer hookups
  • purchase a washer, dryer, and refrigerator
  • Figure out how far of a walk it is to the town center
  • and see if there’s anything sketchy about the neighbors, our street, and the surrounding neighborhood. 

Wish us luck.  Let’s hope that if this is our home, it stays on the market for a couple more months!  For now, we’ll just bake ourselves some blueberry pancakes with a vat of coffee.  Mmmmmm!


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