Been Racking My Brain

Coming up with blog entries is sometimes easy, sometimes hard.  I guess that the busier I feel, the more difficult it becomes, and that’s when I sit down and wonder why I like to write in my blog anyway.

For a while – during our engagement – I kept a blog that basically detailed my various states of mind and heart as our engagement progressed.  The goal was that my closest friends could continue to love and support me even as my feelings and experiences were all over the place and hard to follow.  It was a fun blog; I loved having my friends support me through that time.  In the end, however, reading about someone else’s emotional ups and downs isn’t so interesting.  Besides, what if a future employer found my blog? (then of course, some of my posts below might be deemed inappropriate for that as well). 

So why do I blog now?  I blog because I think I have something to say.  And I don’t care if only 12 people read an entry – it’s still stuff I need to say.  Stuff about how the world seems to work, about how my husband gets to be the first signer on our offer, and I’m the second.  Things about how when we offered on a home owned by an elderly couple, we used “Mr. and Mrs. H.” but when we offered on a foreclosure we used “Mr. H and Ms. N”  Things about distribution of household chores, and things about lessons learned from each other, or together. 

These things matter.  And I wish to write about them, reflect on them, and receive feedback about them.  That’s why I blog.  And that’s why, when I have nothing to say, I’ll take a brief hiatus until I do.  I think I’m back to the blog – feel free to suggest some topics!

PS – ever wondered about how to spell “(w)racking my brain”?  Check it out


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