New Neighbors

When I move into a new apartment (which has been more than once a year for the past nine years), I always feel really touched when one of my neighbors stops in and introduces themselves.  I like knowing with whom I’m sharing my living space/building/street, and knowing those people helps to make it feel more like home.  Conversely, when that doesn’t happen, I feel a little ignored and unwelcome.  I’m more likely to retreat, and just not bother with “those unfriendly people.” 

On our current street lives a lady (“the plant lady”) who pushes a letter through your mailslot to inform you of her favorite best-kept secret.  The plant lady tells you all about this local community pool, and to say hello if you see her; she goes every day and carries a purple bag.  We also have a couple who, during the summer months, sit on their front porch and share a bottle of wine.  He came and made sure my house was safe one night when MrH had left the front door wide open in the evening.  In the winter, he clears snow off his neighbors’ sidewalks.  He always waves.  I aspire to be that kind of neighbor. 

That’s hard when you’re renting, get new upstairs neighbors (we’re a two-family home), and are working on buying your own home in only 4 more weeks.  Life is busy, emotions are high, and somehow they always manage to get the parking spot right in front of our house!  We were going to say hello yesterday, but MrH was out late with his basketball buddies.  Scheduling didn’t work out.  Today, we’re running around all day again, so no hello.  We did push a little note through their door saying hello and welcome.  And I cleared our sidewalk!  I hope they’re enjoying their new home, and that it’ll feel like a comfortable home very shortly. 


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