“It seems important…”

MrH and I are going on a trip. We’ll be staying with the D’iberville Volunteer Foundation in Mississippi. It’s not necessarily a “vacation” and we’re the word “excited” doesn’t quite describe how we’re feeling about this trip. There are so many unknowns, so much potential for an emotionally taxing trip, and so much potential for huge growth, blessing, and fulfillment that we’re just kind of cautiously approaching the whole thing. We’ll just go without fantasizing about all that might come out of it, all we might encounter. We’ll pack a bag and just go.

When asked why, I’ve realized that the only answer I am able to come up with is “because it seems important…” Usually followed by either a total agreement, or a vague “uhhuh…”. Its interesting because the folks who get it, just get it on their own. Unfortunately, for the folks who don’t, I have no better answer than “it seems important.” Maybe this is God’s big calling for us and as we go down there our lives will be tossed around in some unexpectedly incredible way. On the other, maybe we’ll “just” have a great trip, meet some cool people, do some work, and head back home. In fact, maybe it’ll be a complete bust, we’ll both get sick and not be able to be of any help. Hey, whatever the answer is, it seems important and I really look forward to going.

When your gut says to do something, I have found that you’d better do it. Whether it be something as crazy as traveling into the unknown, or something as everyday taking a different route home, you do it. We’re going on an adventure, and I hope we’re ready for it!


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