Cooking Wife

Cooking can be so much fun!  Just trying out a new recipe, or making one up, or following one that you’ve made a 100 times just because you have a craving.  There is something soothing about the motions of being in a kitchen: stirring, chopping, kneading, flipping.  The kitchen makes sense – add little pieces at a time, if it doesn’t taste good, add something else, just follow the directions and it’ll come out.  Some of my most relaxing moments are while I’m preparig a meal on a leisurely weekend afternoon (I haven’t had too many of those lately!)

I suppose that historically the wife cooked dinner because the husband was out at work.  Today, even when both partners work, it’s still often the wife who prepares the meals.  I wonder why?  Between MrH and I it’s easy – he has his five rotations, which he makes well.  If we want something different, it’s up to me to lead that. 

He’s happy to help, mind you.  Unfortunately, I’m not always able to accept the help.  On TV yesterday was a scene where a husband said “so are these tomatoes ready to be taken out of the pot?”  She looked at him and said: “just look at them.”  He kind of looks inside, peering through the steam.  With a puzzled face he shrugs his shoulders and tells her that that isn’t a very useful answer.  She promptly drops what she’s doing, looks in the pot and takes the tomatoes out.  “Yup, they’re ready.”  I think that’s classic!  How many times have I done the exact same thing to MrH?  We usually end up figuring it out and forgivig each other for any harsh words, but that is the perfect depiction of how it goes.

So then I just take a nice retreat on a leisurely Sunday afternoon and cook up a storm.  Soup with dumplings, veggie lasagnas for me and my sister in law, and spiced nuts.  All served with a pinch of peace, a breath of inspiration, and a sprinkling of joy.  Mmmm. 



  1. boven said,

    February 26, 2007 at 9:23 pm

    I NEVER know when the hell to take the tomatoes out of the pot! I’ve always wanted to learn, but cooking is such a timing intensive thing that there usually isn’t time for any teaching.

    The only thing i really do know is when the meat is done. (the answer? if you’re asking if it’s done, it’s done. With good meat, you don’t even want to cook it. Just give it a good scare. Let it SEE the fire, and that should do it.)

    I totally relate to the 5 rotation thing too, though I will say I’ve worked my way up to 7 rotations, provided cereal and oatmeal are counted separately.

  2. Jane said,

    February 27, 2007 at 8:52 am

    Maybe the next time you’re visiting, you can teach each other your 5-7 rotations, doubling your repertoire! I keep having to remind myself why it is that folks don’t know when to get the tomatoes out of the pot (so to speak).

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