Dealing with it

When MrH and I purchased our house, we divided up the different duties that come along with it.  Whether fair or not, I wound up with “contractors.”  So I’m in charge of our roofing guy, electrician, plumber, heat technician… oh, and the burner technician.  Last week I found out that the guy who fixes the heat, doesn’t actually fix the burner.  Here I thought that the burner was part of the heat.  Go figure.

This division of labor creates some awkward moments though.  Sometimes there’s a definite element of “why aren’t you talking to me, man?”  MrH has been awesome really letting me own it, even when it’s awkward for him or me.  For this weekend though, I had to ask him to join me to meet the electrician.  That’s the other weird part: that some of these men are used to interacting with women who maybe aren’t married.  My response is to flirt right back, to enjoy the playful interaction, but as a new wife that doesn’t seem like quite the right thing to do.  It feels wrong to respond in that way (for me at least), and so I asked MrH to join me this weekend when my electrician-man shows up.  I suppose that might make things more uncomfortable for both of us, but I feel better to at least be together in it, awkwardness and all. 


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