“Healed to Lead”

I ran across this blog entry the other day, which is a response to an article about a person whom God healed from some pretty painful stuff, to then go on and become a leader in her church/faith community.  I think that’s a pretty intriguing concept.

My friend and I have been talking about starting a small group (a church-based group that meets weekly – kind of like a Bible study but with a few more elements) since last summer.  Somehow, we haven’t been able to get it off the ground yet, neither of us feeling quite ready to get it started.  For the past few days I’ve been wondering: do I need to be healed to lead? 

This raises an interesting question about church leadership: do we become leaders once we’ve reached a certain level of “healing,” or a certain measurable level of Godliness?  Or do we become leaders once we truly start leaning on God to carry us through whatever needs carrying through, wheathering the storms even while in leadership positions?  In my heart, I truly believe that I know how to lead a small group – even though I haven’t yet figured out a couple of elements that I would need to sign in the leadership covenant.  The reason for this is that when questions come up, my role is not (and will never be) to have the answer; rather, my role is to encourage the person to pray about it, to see what God’s Word says about that topic, and to encourage questioning and exploration.  If topics come up that I know are important to church leadership, I will always have the option to say “look, this is something I’m struggling with as well.  Let’s find some resources, some people who can help us discern God’s will in this.”  My friend and I plan to talk with church leadership about this idea, and further pursue the idea of starting our own small group. 

Which leads me back to: “do I need to be healed to lead?”  Or, conversely, “in what ways have I been healed to lead?”  How would you answer those questions?  For me, I think I’ll need to spend some time with my journal before publicizing the thoughts. 


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