The Power of Women Being Women

My whole life (it seems), I have yearned for women friendships.  Reading novels, I always drifted towards the ones in which a group of women bonded together to overcome life’s trials.  The power of such a group is immense, and I’m finally experiencing what it feels like to be a part of that.

Within a group of women who see one another regularly, something develops that can’t be found anywhere else.  I believe that with each other’s love, care, and trust, we each become more of the women we were meant to be.  We each begin to more fully express who we truly are and as women, become more fully so.  Some things we walk through together have always been considered traditional steps that all women go through: relational issues with significant others, marriage, babies, etc.  But we also walk through our individual pains and sorrows together; arms linked, warding off all enemies. 

To be a part of such a group inspires me.  Every time we spend an evening together I come out in complete awe: of the women themselves, their truths, and of God.  As a result, I am empowered to be more fully who I am.  And when that happens, nothing is too big! 

arms linked - kind of like this


1 Comment

  1. alissa said,

    March 22, 2007 at 11:11 am

    i agree. and what an awesome picture!

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