We’re Married; We’re Working

As MrH and I round the corner towards our office building each morning, we briefly kiss mid-walk.  “Have a nice day!”  I sometimes imagine the confused stare of an observer, surprised that we keep walking next to each other; we enter the same building. 

We get off the elevator, greet our receptionist, and go our separate ways without another glance.  You see, when we’re in the office, we go by our first names and our titles.  The words “husbad,” “wife,” “honey,” and any looks that go along with them do not happen within the workday.  This arrangement works pretty well.  It’s not that we’re a secret or a scandal, but we have found that it works best when we don’t have these personal interactions during the work day (just like we try not to talk about work when we’re on datenight!). 

Recently, someone was showing a new staff member around.  “Oh and this is MrH’s wife!”  “Uhm, [awkward laughter], and I work here, too!”  We’ve also both been getting a lot more of the “where’s your husband/wife at today?”  It’s not like we have GPS chips implanted with little locators beeping all day long!  Especially in the office, one rarely has any idea where the other is.  And why didn’t he get introduced as my husband???  That in itself says something about the way that marriages “work,”at least in some folks’ minds. 

We’ve pulled our “work-mode” boundary back a bit.  Now we kiss as soon as we get up to ground level after our train-ride in.  I figure I can handle the five-minute loss each day.  Maybe it’ll get us ready for the day when we won’t be able to ride in together anymore… now that’ll be different! 


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