Top 6 Life-Lessons Learned from the House

  1. Be safe!  Putting a ladder on three of its legs because the fourth won’t fit on the stair is NOT safe.  Neither is spending two hours painting a room that has no ventilation.
  2. Dare to take a risk.  While it’s much easier to pay someone else to do the job for you, the satisfaction of getting it done yourself is so much greater.  Of course, it’s ok to ask for advice.  George at the Hardware store has been invaluable.  I’ll miss him once we’re done!Fence Pliers
  3. Community is more important than independence.  As much as we can get done with just the two of us, we’re nowhere without our friends.  Additionally, even after extensively googling, I still ended up having to serendipitously run into a flooring-finisher guy who told me that the best way to remove staples from my hardwood floor is with handy-dandy “fence pliers.”  Who knew?
  4. Try it, you might like it!  I never knew that I enjoyed spackling, or that the satisfaction of removing “tackless strips” is greater than watching others do it on HGTV.  Now I know. 
  5. Love your husband.  Even when you’re so frustrated with him not doing something your way, or the right way, or the fast way.  After all, tomorrow you’ll be on a project where you need him to love you.  I guess that’s part of those vows we took.
  6. Trust God.  He really is around, and really does provide.  Just today I managed to pick up a 100% free, beautiful, wood headboard that I’ve been dreaming about for over a year.  It’s called craigslist, yes.  It’s also called God’s provision, and it always comes through. 

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  1. kate said,

    April 11, 2007 at 8:56 pm

    Jane, Thanks for being the guinea pig for many of your novice friends! It’s so great to know that when the time comes, you and Tom will be our treasure of knowledge booty to help us through the house buying, and fixing-up, process. Not to mention your invaluable tip on how to avoid home-buying-provoked divorce.

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