Did you know that the origin of brownies is a complete mystery?  There are all sorts of stories out there, of course, but none of them are satisfactory to the real big-wigs.  This ambiguity surrounding the brownie’s origin makes it all the more exciting to sink my teeth in one. 

MrH just cooked me brownies.  We went in the pantry looking for a good late-night snack.  We each grabbed a box and the look that passed between us said “we’re using this one.”  “But, mine are double-chocolate.”  “Mine are triple.”  We quickly agreed on the triple. 

Even just the batter is such a temptation to me, but MrH guarded it well.  Stirring it for the recommended fifty strokes while swatting away my hand.  I got a little though – how can you make brownies and not taste-test the batter??

Out of the oven, the delicious warm gooyness of the brownie filled my mouth and the delicious chocolate aroma, chocolate chunks, and perfect brownie texture made for the blissful moment.  Much needed after another long day of painting, cleaning, and measuring.  I think I’ll have a second one. 


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  1. amy said,

    April 18, 2007 at 3:03 pm

    Yum, brownies! Gosh, they are so great, aren’t they? I’ve really been craving them lately.

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