The Sunshine (originally: Playing House)

Tomorrow we move. 

It’s early on Friday morning and I’m enjoying a languorous moment between me, my coffee, and the keyboard.  In a few moments the craziness will break out – packing, going to work, dinner with my Little Sister, and finally home to just throw as much as I can in boxes – but for now, the world is still and peaceful. 

 A small square of sunlight peeks through the sheer draperies next to our front door.  It’s the first time all week that the sun has shown itself, and it makes me almost giddy with excitement; a stark contrast to the stressed mood I’ve been in all week.  As I look around, I notice a streak of sunlight through the blinds in the living room, where I am sitting.  It casts a light patch onto the closet door, a bright square with stripes where the blinds are.  The wallpaper in our kitchen reflects light, leading me to believe that more sunlight is coming in over there.  It’s morning, and the world is waking up. 

When I first started my early morning journaling time (most of the time in my paper journal, not here), it was dark until the moment I got up to take my shower.  It’s been a privilege to see the day start earlier each time I’m awake so early.  That in itself has made it worthwhile.  That, and the quiet peacefulness during which everything in the house is quiet, the neighborhood moves slowly, and the sun comes out to play peek-a-boo. 

That moment has been broken now.  The sun is literally rolling into this house inviting me out, inviting me to get cracking, inviting me to feel joyous and excited and beautiful.  Here I go! 


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