Playing House

During the moving process, I realized that I still desperately wanted to be able to host people.  It was getting ridiculous in terms of the packing thing.  I would pick up, say, my french press, but not be able to pack it away because “my, wouldn’t it be nice to serve coffee if someone came over?”  As we got closer to the day, my thoughts changed to “well, our friends who are helping might want some coffee!”  Never you mind that there is a plethora of wonderful coffeeshops in our neighborhood (both old and new) and that we were moving at 1 in the afternooon. 

Anyway, what I think it all points to is twofold:

  1. I really love to host and have people feel comfortable in our home. 
  2. I really enjoy the little rituals such as having a cup of coffee in the morning.

Both of these things can become difficult in the midst of a move because they both feel so impossible.  Not only are there no seating surfaces that aren’t covered in boxes, but most of the time I don’t know which box all those little things are in!  Thankfully, I found my french press just four days after moving and was able to sit on my couch, write in my journal, and enjoy a steaming cup of homebrew. 

Everything else is peanuts! 



  1. bov said,

    May 2, 2007 at 10:43 am

    I’d like to contest the implication that 1 in the afternoon is somehow an inappropriate time for coffee. Like heck it is!

    But it totally get your point re: hosting. The lady and I are zipping around like little squirrels trying to get our place in good shape for company. One main goal for my adult life is to have the house that people want to come visit… if not for the company, then for the free booze.


  2. Jane said,

    May 7, 2007 at 7:56 am

    Not inappropriate! But also eyebrows won’t be raised at the lack of coffee at 1pm, compared to say, 8am.

    And I’ll come visit for the company sometime in the next few months, better count on it 🙂

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