Our “Red Shoe” Accounts

“Uh, MrH?  Don’t look at our credit card statement for a few days, ok?”

You see, I had been shopping on Zappo’s.  I know some folks get sketched out by online shoe-buying, but I’m one of those people whose shoe-size isn’t carried in the department stores.  Or, woe is me, DSW!  So I frequent sites such as Zappo’s, 6pm, onlineshoes, and shoes.  YEAH!  Anyway, back to my statement above.  MrH, bless his heart, calmly asked me why I made that request.  I explained about the free two-way shipping and I promised to return 5 of the 6 pairs of shoes I’d ordered. 

At that point, I remembered something.  In our pre-marital counseling, we’d discussed the idea of each having an account in which we regularly deposit a pre-determined amount of money, for the purpose of making personal purchases.  We agreed on what types of purchases we’d be expected to make from that account, such as daily lattes, weekly basketball leagues, and yes, shoes.  We called it the “red shoe” account, since our priest shared a story of a fight she’d had with her husband over a pair of supposedly “unnecessary” red shoes.  Now I will say that red shoes never appear to be unnecessary to me, but hey, clearly he disagreed.

I can't possibly return these... So MrH and I have been faithfully putting our agreed-upon amounts into the accounts and I will say that I’ve reduced my latte habit and now more frequently make coffee at home (which, by the way, comes from our grocery account.  Ahhh tricky!).  Anyhow, until our interaction described above, I’d forgotten that I should be purchasing my shoes on my personal credit card, not our joint one!  After all, the shoes I was looking for were black – it’s all in a name, right? 

Anyway, overall, money fights have not been a huge part of our marriage, and I believe that our red shoe accounts are a big reason for that.  Being a wife doesn’t mean not buying fun shoes, it just means ensuring you have your own money to do so!


1 Comment

  1. amy said,

    May 21, 2007 at 1:29 pm

    cute shoes!

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