From Trainscapes to Missed Ones

Art exhausts me.  It’s so challenging to look at all these pieces and come up with meaningful understandings and appreciations for each of them.  That said, I also really love art, especially when it somehow tells a story or an experience that I can relate to.  DeCordova has an exhibit that consists of a model railway, around which 12 artists each created a piece of, well, art.  It’s actually fair amounts of amazing what the artists came up with.  From a giant landscape consisting of an enlarged electronic board, to the “municipile” to the Land O’ Lactation (use your imagination here…).  You can view a video attached to one of the trains here.

What was so amazing about it?  The ability of these artists to create a new reality, a new world in which the train interacts with, or highlights, a completely new reality; the shapes and sounds; the change of scale with each installation; and the creative ways of depicting and experiencing landscape.

This got me to thinking about how each of us leaves our mark on our own landscape, our environment.  Indelibly, our presence affects people in ways we can not even imagine.  Occasionally we have the joy (or pain) of realizing this truth in interpersonal ways, but more often, we part ways with those we cared for and never know.  It’s true though.  Think back through your life.  Who are the people you remember?  What are your stories with these missed ones?  Have you ever told them  how your life is different because of them?

This human experience is what art is made of.

So we spent a couple of hour at the museum, had a great conversation over our coffee, and then made our way back home.  Back to daily life; the grocery list; the need for healthful meals; the essential tasks of paying bills, doing laundry, and making the bed.  But I think of those people in my life, and wonder about what stories they have about me.


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  1. amy said,

    October 16, 2007 at 7:49 am

    I wanna go! I wanna go!

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