“The Story of Us”

Even as newly married as MrH and I still are (we’re at 17 months), I already find myself constantly fighting against the urge to just let things be.  The other day when he didn’t come to bed until 2 hours after the agreed-upon time, I had hit this wall.  A moment of frustration where I ceased being mad or upset, and instead just felt a sadness.  I felt my heart say “oh well, we had a nice go at that, but I better not trust him next time…”  That is a RED flag!  An alarm!  A code RED.  Whatever you want to call it, it’s bad news.  For even as minor as the actual event was, there is a slippery slope between giving in for the first time, and finally giving up on one another.

The movie The Story of Us reminded me of all this last night.  Through one of the flashbacks Katie recounts that at one point, she and Ben just stopped looking at each other.  As other responsibilities added up, they simply didn’t have the time to connect on a deeper level.  This allowed the seeds of misunderstanding, hurt, and dissatisfaction to grow into giant weeds that felt impossible to remove.  There are plenty of people who hate the movie because (and if you haven’t seen is, this would be the time to stop reading) it actually doesn’t end in divorce.  After all the drama, the two make the decision that this simply can’t be the end – there is too much goodness still alive to actually throw it all away.  While a little sappy, it reminds me of my own need to continually make the choice to be stay married.  Little things add up, work themselves into big things, and overgrow the delicate flowers of love.

PS for a different and satisfying ending, check out this blog.


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  1. amy said,

    October 16, 2007 at 7:47 am

    that’s a really good reminder. it is about little choices….some of which you don’t even notice you’re making.

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