The Verdict

Remember our romantic getaway? Well, it was every bit as fabulous as imagined. Though we did settle on tacos (in a hard shell – no pitas for us!), they were quite tasty and a healthy base for the many beers enjoyed while watching the Sox beat the Indians at the local dive bar.

Sadly, that meant that my pumpkin risotto was neither made nor enjoyed! Last week I ventured to our local grocery store with the sketchy name, and left a cart full of risotto ingredients after I angrily ascertained that they did not, in fact, carry canned pumpkin. After some culinary escapades (and a new grocery store!), though, the risotto slid silky smooth from my wooden spoon into the bowl tonight. It’s a good thing I waited so long: MrH didn’t like the texture. Or the taste. Or the color. To me, it was fabulous. The first risotto I ever made. The first savory pumpkin dish I ever cooked. There were leeks, and vegetable broth. And pumpkin. The verdict? I will surely make this dish again – when my hubby’s not in town.

The leftovers may show up on my plate tomorrow night, as risotto cakes!


1 Comment

  1. amy said,

    October 29, 2007 at 8:25 am

    Gosh, that sounds wonderful to me!

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