Around the Table

My small group just had the most lovely dinner together.  Now, it must be said that I am the “leader” and it was all my idea – so this post is purely my not at all unbiased opinion.  But really, we just had a simple bowl of hearty chili from Low-Fat Soul by Janell Nash.  My old chili recipe has definitely been replaced by this one!  Hearty, steamy, filling, and chock full of vegetables and beans. The only thing I’d change would be to add a second kind of bean in addition to the kidney beans.

A funny thing happens when people sit around a table together to share a meal.  I think it’s a well-known phenomenon, but one that never ceases to give me pause.  We were just four women, chatting and laughing.  On the surface our conversation appeared to lack depth, but the reality is that each of us shared something significant about ourselves and found a sense of affirmation that is often withheld during the daily bustle of life.  Sitting together and sharing a meal enables us to reclaim this particular bond of womanhood, and indeed, of personhood, in a way that warrants a moment of reflection.

At dinner we laugh more; we listen better; we agree more; we care more; and since our mouths of full of food, we give less advice and more empathy.  The more low-key the setting and the food, the more likely we are to experience this moment of togetherness.  When is the last time you encountered that?


1 Comment

  1. amy said,

    December 3, 2007 at 8:42 am

    I definitely second that the chili was amazing! And I loved the time with the girls. Thanks for the great idea, Jane!

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