A Whole New World

My mom is a pretty crafty lady. When her sister was little, she sewed Barbie clothes; before we were born, she knitted, crocheted, and cross-stitched; then when we were little, she sewed all our clothes (until they peer insecurities set in and things had to have a store label to be “cool”); throughout high school, she made quilts and taught at the local quilt shop; she’s on a beading/jewelry-making kick these days. And in between, I have seen more handiwork come from her hands than I can even recall.

Now some of this craftiness has certainly rubbed off on me, though I’m famous for not finishing projects. I vividly remember when my mom made me start paying for my own craft supplies, with the deal that she’d pay me back when I finished the projects. Even that didn’t motivate.

Imagine my exhilaration, then, at the fact that I have learned how to sew a clutch! Not just any clutch, but the cutest one I’ve ever dreamed of owning. I finished it in only a couple of hours while MrH stayed home late at work. Check her out: my-new-clutch-2.jpgmy-new-clutch-3-open.jpgmy-new-clutch-4-w-shirt.jpg

The other fun part about this is that as I was searching for some instructions on how to complete this project, I discovered the wonderful world of craft blogs! Now there is inspiration for you, let me tell you! Next up is this bag for which I just took an hour-long trip to a local fabric store. I’m always overwhelmed, but somehow my eye settles on something and I know that’s what it’s going to be. Curious? Check back tomorrow!


1 Comment

  1. amy said,

    December 3, 2007 at 8:44 am

    That clutch is so great. Stealing a famous line from David’s mom, “you could totally sell that!”

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