Decorating the Tree

After a week of having our tree up with lights but no ornaments, we finally took the time to decorate it. As is probably common, it always takes me back to the trees of my youth. tree04.jpgWe had gorgeous trees at home – full of silver balls with red bows, silver garlands, and an ornate, glass-blown tree-topper. Everything matched and sparkled, and neighbors commented on its beauty and elegance. I loved it.

So imagine my consternation when my dear MrH proposed hanging his handmade, felt, cookiemonster ornament front and center our first Christmas! He shouldn’t even be on the tree, let alone front and center!! But over the past few years I’ve gained new appreciation for the unique memories attached to each ornament and have even added a few of my own. Our tree-decorating experience is now filled with stories (with plenty of room for more, as the tree is a bit sparse!). “Oh, that’s the one I made with my Little Sister – it was so crowded with little girls, thankfully we found a corner and just hung out to make these!” “Remember how A gave you that ornament one year? So thoughtful.” “Aww your cousin’s kid made that one didn’t she? She’d worked so hard on her ornaments.” “You gave me that one last year, it was my first ornament!” And the ornate, glass-blown topper from childhood? My parents gave it to me when they moved into their RV!

the-treetopper.jpg made-with-little-sister.jpg cookie-monster.jpg mrh-got-me-this.jpg

We plan to add some more ornaments to our tree this year – maybe as gifts to one another, maybe we’ll pick something up during our big trip to Phoenix. Time will tell, but there is plenty of space.



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