Weekend Feel

I’ve been sewing lots lately. Having the inspiration of numerous peoples’ blogs has been really fun, and I’m learning all sorts of things. My hope is that this can replace some of my purchased clothing and save me a few $$. So a few weeks ago I made this bag. I decided to make it a bag with a weekend-feel rather than something I’d tote on the T with me. I’m very satisfied with the end result:



Both fabrics I used were pretty thin, 100% cotton, so I did add a layer of interfacing which helps provide a bit more structure. I’m really happy with how it came out, but will make a few changes before my next bag: longer strap that’s narrower up top, deeper, and a little less wide. I’ll also make it reversible and will find more fabulous buttons.

One thing that was fun is that it was my first time making something with a lining like that, which I was then able to also use in the stockings I’m making for Christmas.  I told a co-worker of mine who looked like she though I was kidding, but finally just shook her head (ever so slightly) and said “only you.”  I think she meant it as a compliment.


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