Cookie Update

I had to come clean to the cookie party hosters (see here), and admit to not having a favorite cookie recipe at all! I offered to bring a log, and they vetoed me for fear of getting the ones with the Christmas tree in the middle!  But here is the secret: their chocolate chip, plain sugar cookies, or peanut butter cookies, are the SAME as if you’d made them from scratch!  Trust me, I know.

While I have never gone so far as to lie about the source of my cookies, I was able to keep up a cookie-foolin’ with MrH once.  During our first New Year’s together, I was still recovering from an extended illness and pretty weak.  We decided to make it a calm evening in and he picked up takeout from our favorite restaurant.  Well, I wanted to do something romantic and sweet for this amazing man I was dating, so I got a package of the soft Pepperidge farm cookies, displayed them prettily on a plate, and added some Hershey’s kisses to finish it off.  For years he thought I’d baked him cookies that night.  Ooops!

All that to say that nobody needs to know you used a package or a log.  Happy “baking!”


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