Blogging Lessons

Personally, I really love my mystery image below, even though Kate spoiled it by guessing correctly right off the bat 🙂  I still think that the snow-covered table looked more like a big fuzzy donut, and I was enchanted by it.  Hope some of you enjoyed the picture!

Lessons learned:

  • “mystery image” draws more visitors to my blog!  Too bad this wasn’t as exciting as circles in the cornfields
  • Ten comments is a bar that’s too high for us right now
  • Kate might still get her prize, just because I enjoy her (keep an eye on the mail!).  Even though she ruined my dream of being thought mysterious and exciting. A salesperson in a wine-store once called me “dark and mysterious,” as a result of my wine preferences.  I think that’ll just need to do for now.
  • I still like writing on my blog, even if I get zero readers (and I get more than that, so there!)

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