When It’s Cold Out

It’s been the snowiest December since 1970.  During the first storm, I wrote this post and forgot to publish.  I’ve adjusted a little better now, but it’s still applicable.

When it’s cold out, I get acrimonious.   MrH will try everything he knows how, but it’s never quite right or quite enough.  There is a tricky balance between expressing how you feel (need, cranky…) and loving the other by realizing that he is cold, too.  We both have the same goal: to get home quickly without falling on the slippery ice.

In those moments I want him to take charge, but don’t agree with his decisions when he does.  Recently, we’ve been seeing a portrayal of this in all its awfulness: know Nate and Jen on the Amazing Race?   If you don’t,you should watch it because they are like a caricature of how I get when it’s cold out.  Not pretty, not teamwork.  Working on it.


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