Happy friggin’ new year to you too!  I sit here and watch the snow/rain/slush/wintry mix coming down, blowing so it’s sometimes horizontal, sometimes at a 45 degree angle.  It’s supposed to snow more inland, where my fabric store is that carries the fabric of which I need more.  I thought I’d only need a 1/2 yard, turns out it’s 3/4!  Grumpifying.

MrH and I have recently “discovered” the tv show Heroes, as well as the Netflix “watch instantly” function.  We’re immersed in season one, it’s completely addictive, and probably not very good for my soul.   I don’t usually watch stuff with so much death and action.  I get really wrapped up in the characters’ stories and lives and start feeling unsettled in my own.  But somehow, this show drew me in in a different way: the big questions it poses about life, free choice and destiny, mission, trust, and identity are fascinating and I enjoy being along for the ride.  Except when it unsettles me.  The big question is whether to delve into the unsettledness, or brave the weather and pick out some gorgeous fabrics to pacify myself.  I’ve learned that the latter is sometimes a better option for me.


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